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Stailess Steel Flanged Ends Ball Valve

Stailess Steel Flanged Ends Ball Valve

Stailess Steel Flanged Ends Ball Valve

    Product Details

    REDSTAR Stainless steel flanged ends ball valve simply structure, good sealing, but ball support will transfer to sealing ring of outside. so floating ball valve suit for middle pressure or low pressure service.

    Floating ball valve have two piece and three piece structure.

    Full bore and reduce bore

    Soft seat and metal to metal seat

    Flanged ends, Butt welding ends, RTJ ends

    Lever op.Gear Worm, Electric actuator, Penumatic Actuator etc.

    Stailess Steel Flanged Ends Ball Valve



    Applicable Medium: Water, Gas, Oil, and Corrosive Medium such as Acids, Alkalis etc.

    Applicable Temperature:-196~350°C

    Driving Methods: Manual, Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic



    Products Specification:

    Size: DN 15~250 (NPS 1/2”~10”)

    Side Entry Design, Top Entry Design

    Bolted Body

    Full Bore Or Reduced Bore.         

    Flanged End Or Welding End  

    Double Block And Bleed   

    Locking Device




    Single Piston Effect , Double Piston Effect

    Automatic Internal Relief Of Body Pressure

    Emergency Sealant Injection System

    Fire Safe Design. Antistatic Device

    Anti-Blowout Stem Design

    Body Vent Device

    Stem Extension For Underground Service



    Major Parts and Materials



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