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Forged Steel Thread Ends 3-Way Ball Valve
3 way ball valve Forged Steel Thread Ends 3-Way Ball Valve

Forged Steel Thread Ends 3-Way Ball Valve

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REDSTAR Forged steel threaded ends 3 way floating ball valve have "T" type and "L" type.

T type can connect with three normal pipelines and cut off the third of pipeline. can distribut and together function.

L type only can connect with two normal pipelines and can't intercommunite the third of pipeline. can distribut .

Three way ball valve using integral body structure, all sides seat sealling , flange ends ,reliable and light weight.

long lifetime , strong flow capacity, small resistance.

Three way ball valve have single function and dual function . single feature is happened trouble,ball valve will make control system conditions.


Forged Steel Thread Ends 3-Way Ball Valve



Standard Port, T type or L type

Work Pressure:1000PSI(PN63)

Work Temperature:-20°C+250°C


Investment Casting Body &Cap

Broof-out Proof Stem

Locking device and ISO5211 Mounted Pad

Type of drive: Manual,Electric,Penumatic

Thread Connection:ASME B1.20.1


Material list&Dimension Data:



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